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Sodium Saccharin

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Sodium Saccharin is an important raw material in food additive industry and is widely used in Ice cream, candy, baked food, beverage, sauce and jelly.

Sodium Saccharin can be also used as pannage, brightening agent, toothpaste,
mouthwash and similar products.
CAS NO.:  6155-57-3
H.S.CODE:  2925110000
SPEC: BP2008/USP25
Appereance: White crystals or a white crystalline powder
Packaging: In 25kg kraft paper bags / 25kg paper cartons / 25kg fiber drums
22MTS/1*20FCL without pallets & 20MTS/1*20FCL on pallets (Bags)
20MTS/1*20FCL without pallets & 16MTS/1*20FCL on pallets (Cartons)
17.5MTS/1*20FCL without pallets & 12MTS/1*20FCL on pallets (Drums)